giraffemetlijnWelcome! Nice to meet you! This site is for parents and children up to 12 years.

My name is Margot and I speak on behalf of that blue GiRAFFEthe one that is a bit different than all the others.

She has clouds, because she loves to watch them. They move, they change, they tell her stories. Do you love clouds? Do you love to make up stories, to paint new paintings, to imagine a world just like you love it? Are you an inventor? Do you have tons and tons and tons of ideas all the time?

Do you want children to nurture this creativity? That is sooo important! (More about that later.)

Yes? Welcome to the club! We have a lot in common!

No? That’s fine as well! Yet if you would like to bring all those things to your children – and then some – you may want to hang around here…

We are working on this website. This is just a bit more friendly than a “coming soon” message 🙂

Dear parents: This site is for you AND for your children. We will talk with your children (age up to around 12 years) quite often. For you there will be background information, tips and ideas about how you can help your children express their unique talents and be the creative and gifted children that they are.

With that you lay a strong foundation for a happy. fulfilling and successful life. A life in which they know who they are, take responsibility for their development and have the skills, the inspiration, the vision and the imagination that will guide them through all weather.

Are you as curious as your children? Do you want me to notify you when all gets moving? Let me know by entering your email below and I’ll get back to you soon!


Of course we respect your privacy. We don’t spam and we don’t share your email with others.

Have a wonderful and creative day!

Margot van Aanholt and that blue GiRAFFE

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